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Things I learnt from “Haunted”!

1 – Ghosts can be horny too

2 – If you want to get away from an Evil Spirit, don’t call out his/her name (a’la Voldemort -crap,now where’s my wand)

3 – Evil Spirits are weakest at 3 pm, and strongest at 3 am

4 – Evil Spirits possessing humans can fly in the air (a’la Crouching Tiger)

5 – Sufyism rock! Oh yeah baby!! And Sufis’ got the wackiest bongs!

6 – Girls in Horror Movies are as dumb as they get whether they are in Bollywood or Hollywood!!

7 – I will never again watch a 3D INDIAN HORROR movie (TM) in the cinem


“Drowning Shadows” gets a mention

My upcoming novel, “Drowning Shadows” get’s a mention in the Asian Age:



Pakistan’s Hugo Award Winner Part Deux

A while back I blogged about Pakistan’s very own Hugo Award winner, Farah Jamaluddin here (https://drowningshadows.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/pakistans-hugo-award-winner/) and her documentary on Polio, “Walk towards Hope”. Well, the talented director has done it again, and the Polio documentary “Walk towards Hope” has won 8th place in the Acia Pacific Child Rights Awards! Read details here http://www.childrightsaward.org/other_winner.html

Other entries included ones from Australia and India, so big kudos again to the talented Farah Jamaluddin for churning out quality work and for portraying Pakistan in a positive light in the international media.


Gillette Pakistan Web Watch – Brand Channel

Head over to http://www.brandchannel.com/features_webwatch.asp for a Web review of Gillette Pakistan on Brand Channel!


Make your own rules… right!

It’s a common adage, “Make your own rules”, as a precursor to success and confidence. It recently struck me how it reflects the spirit of the large majority of Pakistani drivers on the roads. Here is something that happens regularly, you stop at a red light, and a number of cars wait behind you, while a few maneuver their way around and break the red light (as if it never even existed) and speed their way to whatever destination they were headed towards. Sometimes, when you’re stopped at a red light, and the road in front of you is clear, the cars behind will start honking, frustrated that you have chosen to stand in front of a red light despite their being no traffic in front of you.

 The epiphany came when a big 4WD vehicle crossed and me and broke the signal. It struck me that the driver was actually “making his own rules” and disregarding any other rules. Must be quite a successful person; making his own rules and hence living in his own private world. I mentioned this to a couple of friends, and of them came back with a witty response asking me when my flight had landed in Pakistan, insinuating that I was irritated as if I were a foreigner to this country. That’s the other problem: we have gotten used to it so much that we take the lack of rules for granted. (To be fair, the very good friend who made the joke always stops on lights).

 So here’s what I suggest, let’s not go on making our own rules, or creating our own roads. It’s just a pre-cursor to the corruption within our system. If your work is not being done, “make your own rules/roads” and grease some palms; if you can’t get a job get someone who’s big to tell someone who’s big to get you the job. It’s all about making your own luck and being successful.

 Well it’s utter crap. Let’s start by being patient enough to stop at red lights and hopefully everything else will follow. Let’s follow some rules… after all they have brought success and sense to developed nations.


Pakistan’s Hugo Award Winner!

Below are links to a short documentary on Polio, from Pakistan’s very own Hugo Award winnner, Farah Jamaluddin! This a must-watch for both students of film and connoisseurs of Pakistani media, as it showcases the immense potentioal that Pakistan has in terms of communication media. Kudos to the producer/director!

My only criticism is for Samaa TV, who can not refrain from trying to turn a serious problem (Polio) into a PR campaign.

Part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9kKOodMLSI

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdaZa98YlhA&feature=related



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